Si alguien te dijera que hay una actividad que puede mejorar tu salud, aspectos de tu cerebro como la creatividad o la memoria, e incluso hacerte más feliz ¿Lo creerías?

Confía en mí, esa actividad existe y se llama Marcha Nórdica, te contaré mi experiencia (enlace a versión en Inglés del artículo).

¿Qué es la Marcha Nórdica?

La Marcha Nórdica (en inglés, Nordic Walking) es un deporte de resistencia y una forma de ejercicio al aire libre que consiste en caminar con la ayuda e impulso de bastones similares a los utilizados en el esquí. …

If someone told you that there was an activity that could improve your health, aspects of your brain such as creativity or memory, and even make you happier, would you believe it?

Trust me, that activity exists and it is called Nordic Walking, I will tell you my experience (Spanish article link)

What is Nordic Walking?

According to the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA), Nordic Walking (NW) is a form of physical activity, where natural walking is enhanced by the addition of the active use of a pair of specially-designed Nordic Walking poles. …

Do you want to introduce your kids or students to computer programming? There’s a fun way to do it, creating video games with them. Don’t you know where to start? Just follow this guide and you will end up creating video games with your children or students.

Learning video game programming on Scratch will help children develop the following skills:

  • Definition of objectives and motivation for their realization. Scratch video game programming will make children generate their own ideas and create their own projects. …


Virgilio Postigo

Telecommunications Engineer based in Madrid, Spain. Interested in technology, writing, education, psychology, health, environment, and improvement of society.

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